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How Do You Say Fish In Spanish

How Do You Say Fish in Spanish?

When embarking on your Spanish language journey, it’s crucial to master everyday vocabulary, including the word for “fish.” Whether you’re a traveler, a food enthusiast, or simply expanding your linguistic horizons, this guide will help you nail down this essential term.

The Basics: “Pez”

In Spanish, the word for fish is “pez” (pronounced as “pes”). This term is your go-to when referring to fish in general. So, whether you’re ordering seafood at a Spanish restaurant or discussing aquatic life, “pez” is your trusty companion.

Types of Fish: “Pescado”

If you want to specify a particular type of fish, the term you need is “pescado” (pronounced as “pes-cah-doh”). It’s a versatile word that covers various fish species. Use it when you’re talking about your favorite catch or exploring seafood options.

Fun Fact: “Pez” in Everyday Spanish

In everyday conversations, “pez” can also refer to the more specific term “fish” that we commonly use in English. You might hear phrases like “un pez dorado” (a goldfish) or “pez payaso” (a clownfish). Keep an ear out for these fun linguistic twists!

The Verb “Pescar”: To Fish

Now that you know how to say “fish” in Spanish, why not take it a step further? Learn the verb “pescar” (to fish) to discuss fishing activities. It’s a fantastic way to connect with locals, share your fishing stories, or plan a fishing trip while in a Spanish-speaking region.

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