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Unveiling the Elegance: Horow’s Black One-Piece Toilet

In the realm of bathroom aesthetics and functionality, the choice of a bath toilet can be a defining factor. Enter Horow‘s HR-T0280B, a black one-piece toilet that seamlessly blends style with performance. Let’s delve into why this toilet might just be the perfect addition to your bathroom sanctuary.

Design Excellence: Form meets Function

Horow’s HR-T0280B is more than just a toilet; it’s a statement piece. The sleek black finish adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom décor, elevating the ambiance to new heights. Crafted as a one-piece unit, it boasts seamless lines, reducing crevices where dirt and grime could accumulate, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

Comfort and Convenience: Catering to Every Need

With a 12-inch rough-in and a comfortable 16.87-inch seat height, the HR-T0280B caters to the needs of most users, ensuring both accessibility and comfort. Whether you’re tall or petite, this toilet offers an ergonomic design that prioritizes user satisfaction without compromising on style.

Efficiency Redefined: Silent Dual Flush Technology

Say goodbye to noisy flushes and excessive water consumption. The HR-T0280B features a 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) siphon silent dual flush system, allowing you to choose between a full or partial flush as per your requirements. This not only saves water but also ensures a quiet and efficient operation, promoting a tranquil bathroom experience.

Performance Assurance: Cleanliness at its Core

Equipped with a 1000 Maximum Performance (MAP) score, Horow’s HR-T0280B guarantees unparalleled cleanliness with every flush. Whether it’s solid waste or liquid, this toilet swiftly and effectively removes waste, leaving your toilet spotless and hygienic.


Horow’s HR-T0280B stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in toilet design. From its striking black exterior to its silent dual flush technology and superior performance, this toilet redefines the standards of bathroom fixtures. If you’re seeking a blend of style, comfort, and efficiency, look no further than Horow’s black one-piece toilet. Redefine your bathroom experience with Horow today!



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